CRM 2013 Main Title modified

Many of you may know that it was (unsupported) possible to modify the CRM masthead logo in CRM 4.0 or even CRM 2011. Now in CRM 2013 it is difficult as the logo is not an image anymore but a collection of image and logo and I spend some time to find out how to modify (again unsupported!) the text value not to show “Microsoft Dynamics CRM”.

 I succeeded finally smiley
 All you have to do is navigate to your CRM Frontend Server and modify the static js control for the navigation bar which is located normally here "\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_static\_controls\NavBar" and make a backup of the file. Then open the other one and search for the value “Microsoft Dynamics CRM”, it will appear 2 times, and just change it accordingly. Run an iisreset and refresh the CRM browser. The recently changed text value will appear. 
Thats all! Happy CRMing! 


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